March 21st 2015 - Beyond
Winner pixel challenge 2015

Beyond is a coop-platformer prototype, where two players evolve in very similar universes. Some elements of one world can switch to the other one, some can be interacted from one universe only. In order to move forward, players have to constantly look the other player screen. Will they be able to join their forces to reach each other ?

Beyond has been created in 46 consecutive hours during Quebec Pixel Challenge 2015. It has been the winner of the professional category.

Beyond Team: Mario Almaguer, Léo Carnaut-Delord, Jean-Sébastien Ratté, Frédérik Rodrigue

October 15th 2012 - RTS : render Engine upgrade

I spent a few days updating my little RTS demo to use my last render engine upgrade.

Here you can see deferred rendering, shadow map, bump mapping, normal mapping & glow. I think water will come soon.

The pathfinding is still 'work in progress', but I prefere working on my script langage before improving any GamePlay & IA stuff.

June 2012 - Render Engine : Deferred Rendering

I just added the deferred rendering this week end :)

But it's not yet finished. Some very important optimizations are missing. Maybe next week ?

June 2012 - Render Engine update

I recently added some features :
- Shadow Maps
- Normal Mapping
- Bump Mapping
- Glow (not yet finished)

The new steps to come are :
- Depth Of Field
- Screen Space Ambiant Occlusion
- Deferred Rendering
- Motion Blur

Autumn 2011 - Colored Stochastic Shadow Maps

This is a half professionnal research work we did at Voxelia's with Clément OZIL. Our work is based on the nVidia paper Colored Stochastic Shadow Maps (February, 2011) by Morgan McGuire and Eric Enderton.

Autumn 2011 - FPS : Zombies Butchery (Kinect & PS Move) - pending

Student Project with : Jérémie KALTENMARK, Mathieu LABAUNE, Clément OZIL

This project aims to teach us Unity and 3ds Max. We should also use innovative input and output. We decided to use Kinect and PS Move as input, and try to use stereoscopy technology for screen output.
PS Move will be used as a gun, so the user will be able to target any screen point. Kinect will be used for different reasons. First the player will be able tu use his arms to pick up and throw objects from the world. He will also be able to avoid flying objects thrown by zombies. Finally, the player will be able to make on step left or right for hidding hiself behind a wall or anything, and have a quick look to watch or shoot on the other side.

see french specifications

Since July 2011 - RTS

This game is a personal project. The game is developped in C++ and use my personnal render engine detailed below. For the moment, I only worked on units and group movement behaviours.

Spring 2011 - OpenGL Render Engine

This render engine has been developped as part of an openGL course (IN55). We had to remake the render part (render engine, 3d objects, textures, ...) of the game Delirium developped by our teacher Fabrice LAURI. I was in charge of the render engine (OpenGL 4). As we decided to use a cartoon style, I developped shaders for unrealistic lights and outlines detection.

The engine curently supports the following features :
- scene graph
- directional, point and spot lights
- shadow maps
- simple particles
- frame buffer
- some simple collision detection (line/plan & line/box)
- 3ds mesh and animation loader (using lib3ds)
- font (using freetype)
- png loader (using libpng)

Spring 2011 - Sucker World Punch War : Virtual Life Simulation

Student Project with : Eléonore GARNIER, Maxime GUERIAU, Clément OZIL

This project simulates an epic fight between US marines and alien invaldiers, with about 2 000 entities.

The game world is composed of three levels : the surface, the alien spaceship & the underground, where human hide.

Aliens has queens, larvas, nurses, collectors and soldiers.
Humans has mothers, children, collectors, soldiers, thecnicians ad can use vehicules (tanks and jeeps).

The project is cut in two parts : a java simulator and a C++ 3d viewer.

java Simulator
It computes environment evolution, Entities perception, AI and behaviours. A quadtree manage entity's positions.
a swing HUD allow user to see mini-maps of the three level and change some parameters.

C++ 3d Viewer
An Ogre3d viewer to visualize simulation details.

Spring 2010 - Mappemonde Flash

Mappemonde is a flash educational application. Its goal is to teach Continents and countries to the user.

I toke that opportunity to test 3d on flash. I used the 3d engine Away3d.

The application is composed of a learning mode, a puzzle game and a quizz.

You can try the application here.

Autumn 2009 - Delirium Editor

A map editor for a game made by Fabrice LAURI, one of my teachers. This editor was created with the help of Mathieu LABAUNE (UTBM student) with the objective of helping us working on an Artificial Intelligence project using this game in the course IA41. It is developed in C++, and use wxWidget, SDL and SDL Image libraries. The program is fonctionnal but not completly finished. It is distributed with sources under the GPL licence.

We can load and save maps, modify them, and change some properties.

The code is cross plateform, It works well on linux fedora, I didn't try it on Mac, but it should work too.

Download Windows Binary + Source Code + Code Documentation (1,76 Mo)

Autumn 2009 - Game Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for the game Delirium 2 by Fabrice LAURI. The AI is able to play instead of the human player.

The code is done in Prolog

Download Windows Binary + Prolog AI (4,09 Mo)

Autumn 2009 - Energy Tycoon

Student Project with : Marianne FIGER, Marine JOURDAIN, Paul TALAGRAND
Power plants design by Cédric DANIEL

A little managment network game as part of a POO course project (LO43). The player owns an energy provider company, he can settle in different cities, build power plants of different generations and different energy kinds. He can also manage research budget. Ecological cities will aid most ecological providers whereas poor cities will mostly aid cheaper ones.

The game is a window game (no map), and is developed in Java, using Swing library.

Download jar + Source Code + JavaDoc (10,4 Mo)

2009 - DelorDesign .com

H.Alexis DELORD's web site, artist & designer. You'll find a quick preview of his multiple works.

The most important part of the job was the javaScript, all done by myself.


2006 - 2009 - Walk Inn Provence .com

Professionnal web site for the travel agency Walk Inn. The web site will be online soon.

On this project, I was the main developper and interlocutor with the company. I worked sometime with other students.

We implemented a virtual travels storefront, travels reservation and payment, client account and a complete back office for managing travels and reservations.


Since february 2008 - Game Concept .fr

A french web site destined to independant video games developers. The idea was to reference free resources, documentation and tutorials.

The web site can also host resources, articles, tutorials and independant projects presentation.

I mainly worked on this site during a one month manual work internship, and some important stuff I absolutly wanted to do are not done yet ... I will work again on it when I find more free time I guess.


Summer 2008 - Teddy Cel Shading

This is just a real time 3d scene, showing my first 3d object and animation, and a cartoon effect shader that I done in HLSL (DirectX Shader).

The good thing about this shader is that it supports one directional light, and up to 6 spot lights.

The 3d engine used is Irrlicht.

Download demo scene (1,97 Mo)

2004 - Battle

Battle is my first video game. It is a 2D shoot'em up developed with Div Game Studio, an old video games development environment.

The player controls a space ship and must avoid obstacles. Some can be destroyed.

Due to the technology oldness, the game is only available on windows 95 and 98. I still give the download link ...

Download Battle (644 Ko)   /!\ for windows 95 /98 only